European Comunity

2006 production


production Fundaciòn Contenidos de Creaciòn Artificciò

director: Andres Morte
scenography: Lali Canosa
director of acting: Esteban Mihalik
assistant directors: Niko Bonnieure, Silvia Parisotto
translation: Niko Bonnieure, Patricia Dubois, Marion Levy, Silvia Parisotto and Andres Morte
audiovisuals: Mariano Aranciva and Aya Villar
sound: Esteban Mihalik
production manager: Mariano Aranciva
actresses: Patricia Dubois, Adeline Flaun, Anna Girones, Susana Goulart, Caroline Lemaire and Marion Levy

"I renounce nothing. This is what I have always desired, what I have always struggled for. There will be nothing and nobody that takes away my fear, my poems devour time like I devour air.  You are the seven mirrors of an incomplete dream, seven forms of a history drawn with panic and life. This is how I am."
The American poet, Sylvia Plath, took her own life on the 11th February 1963 in London.  Seven actresses of different nationalities interpret the various facets of her character: woman, wife, mother, lover and writer. The actresses use their own languages with Spanish/Catalan as a vehicle of communication.
One of the greatest successes of the project Lo Sguardo Sequenziale was the possibility of bringing six performances to six different cities.  In total around 50 actors and 100 video/filmmakers took part.

During the workshop that took place before each premiere, the text and the mise-en-scène were adapted to the individual physique, technique and idiosyncrasies of each actor.  The aim was to obtain the maximum versatility in the encounter between languages and a sustained rhythm for the audience.