European Comunity


3rd April 2010

Interno 5

Encounter with Ilyas Odman


Teatro Vittorio Emanuele
30th March 2010

Encounter with Ilyas Odman

within the project
Spazio Teatro - propedeutica della visione
in collaboration with con Facoltà di Architettura,
Università di Siracusa


17th May 2008

Officina giovani/Cantieri Culturali ex macelli

(Dis)organised trajectories: methodologies and practice
between city, choreography and generative code
encounter/seminar curated by Alessandro Carboni/OOFFOURO-N.P.A Officina Ouroboros

Alessandro Carboni: Informal tracks and orders: methodology, means and practice of research of WBNR
Enrico Pitozzi: Perception and sismographies of presence
Riccardo Mantelli: Generative code and algorhythm psycogeography
Lorenzo Tripodi: Cinematic space: some observations on the renewed relation between body and city in globalisation
Viviana Gravano: Trajectories. Active landscapes
Annalisa Sacchi: On memory: from the ars memorandi to cerebral maps
Elena Morando: The map of the individual: systems for exploration, destructuralisation and creation of new territories

as part of Fabbrica Europa 2008


16th May 2008

Institut Français de Florence

Between choreography and digital art
encounter with
Alessandro Carboni, Luigi Coppola and Max Barachini

led by Paolo Ruffini

curated by FTS and ARDSU
in collaboratione with Academy of Fine Arts of Florence

as part of Fabbrica Europa 2008