European Comunity


8th - 11th September 2008


Routes to empowerment and European citizenship: Developing Urban Culture youth projects

International meeting supported by the programme Youth in Action

The theme of the project is development of international Urban Culture youth projects aiming at empowerment of youth, especially youth from minority/migration background, and at fostering a sense of European Citizenship. The participants are representing partner organisations active in this field, some only on national level, searching for information about and partners for future international activities; some already active on international level, looking to broaden their network.


15th May 2008

Palazzo Vecchio City Hall

Press conference for the presentation of the project R&R and the final event Roots&Routes A_maze, with the participation of Daniela Lastri, councillor of Department for Education and Youth Politics of the Municipality of Florence.


2nd -5th April 2008

Opus Ballet / Stazione Leopolda /
Teatro Affratellamento / CAM

Artistic implementation meetings for the executive planning of the May final event.


10th - 12th March 2008

Management meeting for the detailed artistic planning of the 2008 final event Roots&Routes A_maze in Florence.



12th - 13th December 2007

Management meeting

Preparation meeting for the 2008 R&R activities in Florence


17th May 2007

Palazzo Vecchio

Press conference: presentation of R&R and Extrafesta within Fabbrica Europa 2007.
Participants: Lucia De Siervo (City Government Member for Integration Policies), Lorenzo Pallini (artistic director), Fabio Laurenzi (president of COSPE), the masters Jaka Giacalone, Alessandro Di Puccio, Nicola Melloni, and some of the talents and the musicians involved in the project Extrafesta 2007.


14th - 17th May 2007

International meeting


30th November - 1st December 2006

Transnational management seminar of R&R partners, with the participation of local experts. Presentation of work undertaken in various countries in 2006 and planning for 2007.

Seminario transnazionale dei partner R&R, con la partecipazione di esperti locali. Presentazione del lavoro svolto nei vari paesi nel 2006 e pianificazione per il 2007.


25th November 2006

Palazzo Medici Riccardi
Sala Luca Giordano

presentation of the R&R project and of the R&R Italy DVD within the award ceremony of the Mostafa Souhir Award organised by Cospe.


18th November 2006

Dire & Fare
Sala Arcobaleno

presentation of the Roots&Routes Italy DVD during the Innovation Award ceremony


16th May 2006

Palazzo Vecchio City Hall 

press conference presenting Extrafesta 2006 and Roots&Routes project 



9th - 10th March 2006


second transnational seminar of the R&R partners and press conference for the presentation of activity undertaken in Hungary

secondo seminario transnazionale dei partner R&R e conferenza stampa nazionale per la presentazione delle attività in Ungheria


1st - 2nd December 2005

International expertmeeting

Exchange and sharing of experiences;  presentation of R&R activities already realised; presentation of dance, music and media coaches.


27th - 28th May 2005

Stazione Leopolda

first meeting of all partners during the XII edition of the Festival Fabbrica Europa. Public presentation of the Roots & Routes project at the European Meeting of Intercultural Media as part of the II edition of the Premio Mostafà Souhir per la Multiculturalità nei Media (Mostafà Souhir Prize for Multiculturalism in the Media)

primo meeting di tutti partner in occasione della XII edizione del Festival Fabbrica Europa. Presentazione pubblica del progetto Roots & Routes al Meeting Europeo dei Media Interculturali, nell'ambito della II Edizione del Premio Mostafà Souhir per la Multiculturalità nei Media